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Coastal Vogue Interiors offers an array of Interior Design services for projects of any size and scope. With vast experience in all types of interior design, our premier service is created for you. 

Our deep industry experience allows us to effectively utilize your space with quality and efficiency. If there’s something you need but can’t find in our service overview, just give us a call. One of our Design Specialists can create a solution tailored to your individual needs.

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What We Specialize In

Coastal Vogue Interiors Homeowner Services:
Are you feeling confused about all the choices for your home renovation? Does choosing tile design and grout and millwork and paint color for a new luxury kitchen remodel seem complicated? Let Coastal Vogue Interiors uncomplicate it for you. We can make your home renovation effortless. We are experienced in construction procedures, interior design and interior decorating. We can make sure you make the right selections at the right time so that the end result is, in a word: stunning.

Coastal Vogue Interiors can take the stress and anxiety out of designing your new space. We specialize in prioritizing the selection process, outlining selections needed for each space and helping you to choose the items that will fit your lifestyle. We will even accompany you to the designated builder vendors to assure your selections are what you envisioned. Most importantly, we organize everything for your final review and signature. All finishes are systematically finalized and passed on to your builder. We can be as detailed as needed or simply provide you a guideline of navigating your way through the remodeling process.

Coastal Vogue Interiors is committed to dispelling the myth that interior designers are costly and unnecessary in a home remodeling project. We are committed to providing superior service and value for your project. We make the process a pleasure instead of a headache. Our premiere designers will:

- Personally meet with you for a design consultation and understand your lifestyle and vision
- Help you to create a space that is uniquely yours
- Prioritize the selection process with immediate products and long-lead time products
- Provide and review detailed selection sheets to be approved by you
- Communicate your vision and selections to your custom remodeler or builder
- Generate any design drawings needed for layouts, cabinetry, tile design, etc.
- Manage the project on-site with the remodeler

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